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As an American Citizen born and raised in Venezuela, I have seen the devastating impacts caused by the radical ideologies that have ultimately destroyed my native country. These very same ideologies have infiltrated their way into American politics, education, corporations, and mainstream media, that are influencing and destroying our communities.

The freedoms and opportunities that brought me to this great nation are under attack. I will not be a bystander and watch as the country and city I love are destroyed by socialist and communist ideologies. What we need are strong leaders and strong voices in our communities to make a difference. Individuals who will not back down from a fight and will stand for the principles this nation was built on.

I am that leader. I am that strong voice for our community here in Wilmington, NC. I will not back down when opposition arises, and I will uphold the Constitution, Christian values, and the Conservative principles of this great nation and ensure they are applied equally under the law here in our community.


I am Jonathan Uzcategui and I am running for city council in Wilmington North Carolina.