Make Wilmington Great Again Shirts

Uzcategui Make Wilmington Great Again Shirts are in!  Continue reading

Jonathan discusses traffic issues with Cindy Simpson

Watch the video between Jonathan Uzcategui and Cindy Simpson discuss traffic issues that plague Wilmington.  Continue reading

Wilmington City Council approves an Electric Trash Truck

The Wilmington City Council has approved the purchase of an electric trash packer vehicle.    Continue reading

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce issues 2021 Advocacy & Legislative Agenda

The Wilmington chamber of commerce issued its 2021 Advocacy & Legislative Agenda.  Continue reading

Wilmington Bar owners ask Cooper to Extend Curfew to Midnight

“We’ve already had to close two of our bars,” he said. “Luckily we still have Coglin’s Wilmington.” Continue reading

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Statement On Education in North Carolina

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson issued a statement on the proposed state of education standards. Continue reading

Biden removes 1776 Commission by Executive Order

President Biden dissolves the 1776 commission by executive order on January 20th, 2021.  Continue reading