Fight Back

We have been told a lie our entire lives.


I'm here to tell you that they do. Every election matters. Especially your local ones. What happens on Capitol Hill may or may not affect your daily life but what happens at 3rd & Princess St. downtown Wilmington will. 

Our city has been put to sleep by the lies of the enemy while they take from our futures, lie about our past, and install Marxist and Communist policies. The future of your businesses, children, and ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness all hang in the balance on Nov. 2nd. 

I am the only candidate running that isn't a swamp Republican, I'm not a part of the commercial real estate Cabal, and I can't be bought or paid for. 

I believe in this county that has given me so much and I love this city enough to put everything I own on the line to make sure that this city has enough time to fix our path forward. 

I have been attacked since day one by the Communist BLM organizations in this city. They have lied about me, smeared my character, and even enlisted the help of other Republicans to destroy my chances of becoming a city councilor. 

For those of you who know me, and haven't fallen for these Marxist tactics, THANK YOU. For anyone else who is worried or scared about what is being shared by these evil people, I ask that you consider why now? 

Why would they wait to share these lies and hateful things about me one week before the election? Why would the false abuse allegations rear its ugly head now and why isn't the Fake News media giving me fair treatment in the press?

Because they are scared. They are scared that a Venezuelan immigrant who took an oath to protect and defend this great nation will win on Nov. 2nd and destroy the perfect dystopia they have installed. 

I will always fight for what is right and will always push back against the radical agendas that are destroying Wilmington from within. 

Now is the time to join me and fight back. We must win on Nov. 2nd and send a clear message to the swamp and the Cabals that "We the People" have a strong champion that we are sending to fight back.

Vote and bring everyone you know to go vote on Nov. 2nd and let's send the swamp packing. 

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Jonathan Uzcategui, Hope Uzcategui, and the entire Team Uzcategui staff


No matter what happens we will give glory to God. Faith, Family, Freedom. 

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  • Matthew Dula
    published this page 2021-11-01 10:25:45 -0400