Municipal Election Pledge

By making this pledge, you promise to vote on Election Day.

Studies show that you’re more likely to complete an action if you’ve already made a public commitment to it. We also want to be able to produce a record of pledges to the county board of elections in the event we believe fraud or interference occurred with the vote. It is no longer enough to just vote. We must vote defensively and offensively. Your pledge will help combat voter fraud and interference if the election is contested. By pledging to vote you agree to vote for Jonathan Uzcategui during the election period of Oct. 14th through Nov. 2nd and are willing to testify to your vote with the New Hanover County Board of Elections in the event there is evidence of fraud or interference. 

I can't wait to become your next City Councilor in Wilmington but I need your pledge to make sure we are not cheated out of our vote and our voice! -Jonathan Uzcategui

Who's pledging

Rebekah DeSoto
Joey Lee
Marshall Brown
Helen Hinson
Celia Wolff
Diane West
Libby Corzo
Kara Childs
Patricia O'neill
David Bunn
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox
Ellen Gayle Gonzalez
Susan Lueckenbach
Terry Kaminski
Pam Gregory
Donna Paule
Rocky Jeter Webb
Dave Rock
Sheryl Gaerlan
Keri Taylor
Kathryn Hooks
Sean Parrish
Diane Fountain
Lana Ke
Katrina Douglas
Nancy Solis
Richard Boughton
Marie Deremiah
10,000 votes
Yes I support Jon.
I might I might support Jon. Tell me more.
No I do not support Jon.