Election Fraud & Interference

Our democratic process is only as strong as the people's belief in our election process. Our citizens need to have trust in our system of elections and outcomes. Without this trust, we no longer believe in the process and our democracy. I will always push for transparent, safe, and secure elections. This includes overviews of the processes, the machines, and counting of votes. I will advocate for Voter ID laws, more transparent processes, and transparent contracts with any companies hired to carry out our elections. 


Education Reform

America ranks 26th in the world for education in 2021. We are behind countries like China, Japan, and Estonia in our reading, math, and science scores. This erosion of our children's education doesn't stop at just the fundamentals. Activists, business interests, and politicians are also pushing grotesque socialist and communist agendas onto our children. I will follow in the footsteps of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and fight back against this invasion and perversion of our education system. Our children deserve school choice freedom from leftist indoctrination and we need to be sharing our Nation's truths as outlined in the 1776 report


Fiscal Responsibility

Our city needs leaders who are going to ensure we are responsible and good stewards of the taxpayer's money. Ensuring that our budget is balanced and our spending invests in the future of the city is a top priority. Addressing tax issues, inflation and waste are critical to a healthy overall city budget. 


Law & Order

We must follow the law and enforce order. During periods of unrest or protest, we must focus on making sure the actions taken because of a particular cause or rally cry are executed in a manner aligned with our democratic process and not swift emotional reactions resulting in the erosion of our rights and due process.  There are proper ways to make changes within our community and we must abide by the law. 


Small Business & Free Enterprise

The backbone of our city is small business. We need to promote free enterprise systems that support our small businesses. This includes supporting women-owned and minority-owned businesses. A free enterprise system allows for healthy competition and organic growth. 


Zoning & Tax Issues

Wilmington is under constant development and improvement. This means that we are constantly dealing with zoning issues pertaining to small and medium-sized businesses and the tax implications that surround those transactions. I will focus on identifying ways to improve the processes around zoning issues as well as ensuring we limit the tax burdens on our small businesses.